When people have open horizons they can think and create memorable moments. So, when Ms. Litsa Bafouni approached us and suggested to co-organize the tour of the magical metal roads of the Piraeus machine shops together with the Culture Department of Piraeus Municipality, only one question was raised. Will the crowd be able to hear and feel the stories full of sounds of Maria Mavroides, who is in love with the machine shops? Because we immediately thought that the successful organization of Piraeus Sea Days would attract a lot of people. Yes, a lot of people followed. And with Ms. Bafuni's solutions, everyone heard and felt where and how the pulse of the industrial center of the port was beating. We sincerely thank those who honored us with their presence. We sincerely thank the Culture Department and dear Director for this wonderful experience.
Another one V.I.D.A. tour that tried to "give" to the residents, memories of industrial history... www.vidarchives.gr

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