The Record sheet of VI.D.A. was formed based on the international standards for the recording and documentation of industrial heritage, with the main objectives of locating the residue with the highest precision possible and documenting its history. Taking into account the principle that recording is a form of rescue, the record can be used for the on-site recording of the residue we find, but also as a future source of information since the documentation will be constantly enriched by those who wish to contribute to it.
Therefore, the record has a dual function: as an application -with its completion- and as a tool for researching specific information and documentation.
To achieve the above objectives, the basic criteria for its development were: usability, simplicity, the greatest possible completeness of the required information and easy access to the record for the users, who range from people who - without being experts - wish to record the remains of the industrial heritage that they find on their way, till the specialized researchers. In addition, in order to result at this specific format, we took into account the previous recording projects in Greece, as well as interesting examples from the international experience (see the citations).
In addition, thorough study and effort was made for the categorization of the industry branches, so that it would be compatible both with the classification of modern production units (according to international standards) and with the categories of the historical industrial branches and factories.
The categorization chosen resulted from the combination of the " Statistical Classification of Economic Activities" ( along with the classification used by the industry’s historical catalogs which is one of the resources we make good use of.
In addition, in order for the information (metadata) gathered in the Records to be easily located and retrieved, but also to meet the basic specifications of interoperability of this digital file with other related databases, the coding of the fields applies the Dublin Core digital object description standard and follows the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) set by the National Documentation Center.
Finally, for the geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude), the Google system is used due to its widespread use by mobile phones, in order to facilitate the on-site recording as much as possible.
Our ambition and hope are the V.I.D.A. platform to contribute decisively to the recording, documentation and preservation of our industrial heritage.


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