Many of us have visited dams around Greece, but how many had the opportunity to follow the water adventure from the lap of the artificial lake to the heart of a hydroelectric plant and in real time? So here comes VIDA and announces a tour on Saturday, December 2, at the Ladona's Hydroelectric Station in Kato Spathari, Arcadia. Then we 'll visit the museum of the station which is located inside the facilities and includes machines, exhibits and stories from the area. Filled with images of the magical technicalities of converting kinetic energy into light, we'll climb through the Arcadian mountains to meet Ladona's Dam and the man-made lake. Approaching, its helical shape unfolds before us. At the dam we will learn the way of its "synergy" with the factory and how this contributed to the development of the region and of all Greece. On our way back to Athens, we will stop for dinner at a secret corner in the village of Vlaherna. The tour can be followed by people who will start from Athens with the hired bus and people who want to come in their own car from nearby areas, e.g. Patras, Pyrgos, Tripoli, Vytina etc., with a maximum number of participants of 14 people, having sent an email confirming participation till 24th of November to [email protected].

More information regarding cost per person and schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

This tour is another challenge for VIDA for industrial monuments outside of Athens. We love challenges and nice industrial tours, especially in a working gem of our industrial heritage.

Yours sincerely
Iraklis Fasourakis

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