Conference's poster.

The citizens' groups that participated in HerMa.

Our participation in 6th Herma Agora.

Our participation in 6th Herma Agora.


The non-profit organisation The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) was founded in 2008 aiming in retraining professionals in cultural heritage management in specialties that are now necessary for the complete execution of their work. Since 2015, HERITΛGE has been organising an annual international meeting of professional cultural heritage managers, entitled HerMa, which aims to disseminate good practice through the exchange of ideas and innovative theoretical and practical approaches. For 2019, the focus was on highlighting the value of cultural heritage and the empowerment of local communities through cultural heritage. Launching this strategy, the conference "Communities at the forefront: The Experience of Activating Citizens through Cultural Heritage" (HerMa HUB: Fostering Communities) in collaboration with "Elefsina 2021 European Capital of Culture" attempted to present innovative theories and practices of local communities with particular emphasis on the importance they have for the preservation and promotion of culture.

Our team had the pleasure and honour to be among the 30 teams from all over the country invited to participate in this conference. V.I.D.A actively participated in the conference and specifically in HerMa Agora (an open meeting of initiatives and cultural groups, from every corner of Greece, to present their work and network) and HerMA HUB Core (a closed workshop / meeting, in which the representatives of the groups and initiatives, working towards citizens’ activation, discussed methods and good practices and exchanged ideas for future collaborations, aiming in forming a reference text for the interconnection and empowerment of the groups engaging in citizen activism through cultural heritage).


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